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feeds.cityoffers the world's 1st subscription proxythat transforms your content on the fly. Enabled by an open marketplace, backed by a collective of developers, inspired by the quirky indie web.


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Take Back Your Feed

A Better Way To Scroll Your Feed

It matters how your feed is optimized. Is your feed actually yours? Now it really can be with

Distraction Free Reading

Reading requires focus. Focus requires concentration. Concentration is in constant battle by other interests. Clean up your reading, and it will clean up your mind.

On The Fly Transforms

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Emerging Marketplace

Get in on the ground level withj a new developer marketplace. There are developers who want to hear what you are looking for, and their are FeedFunctions (like an app) that improves your feed quality.

Listening for Everything

The web is full of vibrant text. But some of us are auditory learners. Some people like to listen to everything. Now anything is listenable

Longform Reading Discovery

Not all information is created equal. Skip out on bloated 'news' about things that won't matter in 10 minutes let alone 10 days. Start digging into longform ideas that make you are more interesting person

Integrated Social Signal

Just because you dont want to be advertised to all the time, You should understand the goal of what is shown to you. Is it to make an advertiser happy, or is it to engage your own brain. how what you are being Read things for you that are lighly influenced by the things you follow
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This app has completely transformed how we interact with customers. We've seen record bookings, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced churn.

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Feed Functions

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